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Our company offers a unique trading for beginners and professionals with features that increasing the chance to earn.

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LottMarket Broker Review

The company was founded in late 2014 with the aim to be the best binary options industry professionals. To this end, we have developed a unique system features that allow flexibility in trading and adding strategies that did not exist until now. Our customers benefit from flexible trading plattform and skilled professional brokers who accompany our customers from account opening to perform complex trading strategies.


Trading Features

The trading software offers simple Call/Put trading, called Vanilla, Touch options and Range options. One of our special features on the platform allows you to add more pips to the target price. This way you can significantly increase your potential payout. For example, trading 10 minute expiries with 77% payout. adding +30 pips for the same expiry, could increase the payout to 100%.

Of course, it is all connected to the length of the expiry. adding +100 pips on a one hour expiry, the payout could be over 100%, but on a four week expiry the payout will be less.

We offering over 90 assets, mostly currency pairs, gold, oil, bitcoin, litecoin, indices and shares. The interesting part is that clients can create their own pairs by selecting different assets. For example they can trade BTC/EUR, APL/EUR or APL/MSF.

Customer Support

The Back Office team is ready at your service during business hours. Our Back Office handles the registration solving technical failures and available to every question that arises in topic. Clients can contact to the back office via skype emails or telephone.

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