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Summary prides itself on its great education program and has been awarded for it. They host live webinars taught by professional traders. The webinars are offered in multiple languages. Traders can choose from over 100 assets to trade on their platform


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Full LBinary Review

In 2012, LBinary was awarded the best binary option educator in all of Europe.  The award was given by Global Banking and Finance Review.  The recognition that comes with this award encourages LBinary and their Academy to continue to provide traders with educational classes to make their traders more successful.

Something that makes LBinary unique from other binary option broker’s is LBinary’s training which holds live webinar courses, taught by professional traders.  Each class is taught according to trader’s level and experience. Some of the courses are introductory course to explain what binary options are and how they are traded; other courses provided by LBinary’s Academy require higher levels of understanding of the financial market and are designed to help professional traders earn more profits. When investors register and begin trading on LBinary’s trading platform they are given an eBook, which explains what binary options are in great detail and how they may be traded.  All educational tools that are provided by LBinary, are always free of charge.

The webinars begin with an introduction webinar, offered multiple times a month, which gives an overall prospective to what binary options are and how they are traded.  With experience and knowledge that come with spending time practicing and trading, investors are permitted to join the more advanced courses.  No matter how experienced a professional trader maybe, there is always room to grow and new trading strategies to learn.

As an international company, LBinary caters to their traders from around the world.  Their website is translated into 6 languages, giving traders a user friendly experience in any language they shall choose. Whichever language a trader speaks, they are assigned an account manager from their local region to assist them with their account and their trades.

LBinary provides webinars in multiple languages, at the time of writing this there are currently webinars offered in English and Spanish. Webinars are scheduled at different times of the week giving traders multiple opportunities to participate in the webinars. The webinars are taught live, and allow guests to ask questions in real time and communicate with the instructor.

For those investors that trade on LBinary’s platform, there are more 100 assets to pick from.  Each asset will fall into one of these categories: Stock, Commodities, Indices, and Foreign Currencies (Forex).  Of course, trading can only be done while that specific market is open, but with the world economies and internet based trading, traders can practically trade anytime anywhere.

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