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  • CySec license, EU regulated

  • Over 200 assets, including Bitcoin

  • Up to 100% Bonuses

  • Over 40 payment methods

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Summary If you have a good insight in economics, spend time monitoring how major assets perform, and have a good intuition about stocks, then binary options are one of a kind opportunity to gain some money using your knowledge. 24winner is a binary options trading platform, among the best in this line of work, that offers its users amazing opportunities to earn money based on their knowledge in stock market. Furthermore, the possibilities for participating in trading are quite interesting, and there are three types of accounts that you can create. The range of paying options is also wide, which is why a lot of people opt for 24winner as their binary options trading platform. Here is a quick guide on how you can participate in trades and earn money.


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24Winner Trading Features

Classic option 

This is the very definition of binary trading options, probably the best one for the new users who are still trying to figure out how the system works. You either have to “Call” or “Put” a particular asset, in other words, have a good prediction whether its value will rise or decrease in a certain amount of time. If your prediction is correct, you will increase your budget, and if your prediction is wrong then you lose, and if the value remains the same, you get your money back.


Pro Option

Once you gain a certain amount of experience, this will definitely be a fun option for you. It helps you hone your trading skills by allowing you to view the asset history, exit earlier from the trade, or even delay your exit. You can also double up your investment or pick two well-known assets to compete against each other. Once you conquer the basics, the Pro Option will be quite easy to figure out.


Touch/ No Touch 

There are a lot of fluctuating markets out there, and therefore it is a bit trickier to figure out what will happen. This works on a following principle: once you choose the option “Touch”, the asset needs to either match or exceed the value your broker has assigned. This means you will need a far greater insight when it comes to stock market, but as a reward, the winnings are bigger.


One Touch  

A one of a kind option that allows its participants to reap the returns that go as far as 500%. Here is the trick though, in order to receive those returns, the asset needs to reach its assigned point. To put it bluntly, you will need a lot of patience if you are to participate in this option.


Speed Master

Unlike the “One Touch” option, this one is really fast and therefore significantly more exciting. Every asset you call has a time interval of one minute to rise. So with only 60 seconds separating you from the knowledge whether you won or not, this option is a real roller coaster of emotions.


As you can see, the whole process is really interesting, and will definitely not bore you as you participate.


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